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Nyt - antologi om metaforer, metaforteori, kognitiv semantik og fagsprog



Composition, and Metaphors

A story about the rise and fall of metaphors and

its influence on how we see and teach composition,

including examples from writing handbooks and computers.

A Lecture by Carlo Grevy

Aarhus College, Denmark

Friday, June 9, 10:00 am Nicholson Library


 In this lecture, Grevy will discuss how changing the methodology in the study of metaphors affects the way we understand composition. He will show that metaphors are not creative but predictable. "Until now we have studied only examples of metaphors using the methodology of poet exemplification," he writes. "But," says Grevy, "the method of empirical constructivism shows that we always use the same types of metaphors. Understanding that the free individual articulates thoughts through restricted metaphors also shows that the individual is not able to say whatever she wants." In his talk, Grevy will discuss the effect of this perspective on how we understand and teach composition.


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