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Nyt - antologi om metaforer, metaforteori, kognitiv semantik og fagsprog


The text, the language, and "the I"


Often, when we talk about text production, we say that "the I" constructs the text. This is a very problematical perception, because we assume a text production where "the I" seems to be in charge, free to chose from the vocabulary, and free to include every figure it wants. This is a model where knowledge is arbitrarily separated from language, and this separation is grounded in a literary, romantic, psychological conceptualization of man and woman. Another point of view regards language itself as far more active in the text production, to see language as an autonomous unit. Producing text then means, not that "the I" is writing, but that "the I" accesses language. In this meeting between "the I" and the language, the individual experiences changes to social knowledge.

Using this point of view gives meaning to the practices and theories of writing. Using the research in writing, theories of composition, notions of collaborative learning, ideas of writing across the curriculum, and writing in the disciplines, together, as an empirical basis for knowledge of text production, I will demonstrate, that talking about language as indicated above, is not only a commonplace but a reality.



13-01-05 / CG